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​Pavlou and Pavlou is a pioneering and innovative law practice based in the Republic of Cyprus. We are a boutique law firm made up of bilingual English Solicitors and Cypriot advocates specialising in Cyprus property law, Cyprus commercial law and Cyprus family law.


Our firm is truly unique because despite our years of experience, we adopt a start-up culture into our working model, so we do more, go further and give the very best of ourselves for our clients. Our experience combined with our sense of urgency and innovation when handling our clients' matters is realised immediately and so our clients instinctively turn to us for support.


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Cyprus Property Law - Special Report

Cyprus Title Deeds


We have become the leading firm for Cyprus title deed matters. We successfully facilitate the issuance or transfer of Cyprus title deeds or obtain agreeable settlements for our clients. We handle a large number of Cyprus conveyances for our clients who have the peace of mind in knowing that we will steer them through the Cyprus property transaction process, eliminating or significantly reducing legal risk as we go. We have always strongly advised against purchasing Cyprus property without the simultaneous receipt of its title deeds. Paying sums for Cyprus property without receiving title deeds poses detrimental disadvantages and risks to the buyer.


Why Obtaining Title Deeds to your Cyprus Property is Crucial


The absence of title deeds means that legal title to your Cyprus property does not rest with you but may remain with either the land developer or the previous owner or some other interested party. You may only have a “contract of sale” lodged at the land registry as evidence of your contractual right to the property, as opposed to “absolute title” evidenced by you carrying title deeds. Should you not have title deeds for your Cyprus property, you may find difficulty selling it. A potential buyer would find it extremely difficult obtaining a mortgage for a Cyprus property where the seller is not in possession of its title deeds. If you do find a buyer, you may require the land developer’s consent (as your contracting party) to release you from the contract of sale and appoint your buyer in your place. There are risks that without you being in possession of your title deeds, a Cyprus land developer who still holds legal title to the land on which your property is built may borrow money against that land by mortgage. Such mortgaged loans would have to be repaid in full before title deeds for your specific property can be issued to you.


Obstacles, And How We Can Help You Overcome Them


Under Cyprus law and process, the method of issuance and transfer of Cyprus title deeds has many phases, each of which is susceptible to disruption which may result in considerable delay.


If you had bought your Cyprus property from a Cyprus land developer, it is possible that the developer had mortgaged the land onto which they built the property. If you had paid the Cyprus land developer for a property and you still have not received the title deeds, it is possible that the Cyprus land developer still has outstanding mortgage debts on the land and the Cyprus title deeds are in the possession of the mortgagee bank. We deal with Cyprus land developers, mortgagee banks and relevant public departments to obtain your title deeds in this situation. We apply a lot of pressure and we have achieved positive outcomes for our clients.


It is also possible that the Cyprus land developer has no mortgage on the land but the Cyprus land registry has still to issue your title deeds. There may be a number of reasons for this which may include the developer and the land registry being engaged in a planning dispute and the Cyprus land registry withholding issuance of your title deeds until the dispute’s conclusion.


If you bought a resale (not off-plan) Cyprus property without title deeds, the party you had paid for the property may have been partly responsible for the delay in the issuance or transfer of the title deeds.


In the examples above and all other instances, we create a paper-trail of events and check that all participants acted in accordance with Cyprus law. We find the reasons for the delay and we work to have our clients’ title deeds issued or transferred to them without further delay.


We will take court action for you where necessary; however we consider litigation as a final resort. Our knowledgeable and bilingual lawyers achieve excellent results for our clients without the time and expense spent dealing with your matter in the courts. We have been able to cost-effectively and expediently arrange the issuance and transfer of clients’ title deeds as well as achieve a number of notable settlements.


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